23 March 2010

I'm not cut out for drug addiction

After having surgery last week and taking Percocet almost daily, I realized one very important thing about myself...I'm not cut out for drug addiction. No--I'm not addicted to the pain meds I'm just saying, I would make a horrible drug addict...I would do nothing but sleep all the time. I hated the woozy/dizzy/spinny feeling the meds gave me right before I collapsed in bed and slept it off. I'm practically in a coma when I take meds that "cause drowsiness." I don't like to not feel in control of my body--this is why I don't drink (well that and most alcoholic beverages taste like feet). So there ya go...now you can quit worrying that I'll become the next Michael Jackson/Brittany Murphy/Corey Haim/Heath Ledger/Anna Nicole Smith who dies of an accidental overdose or whatever it is.
"She don't lie, she don't lie, she don't lie...cocaine." (Cocaine, by Eric Clapton)

20 March 2010

Purple Boots

I stood in the mirror for a full 30 minutes admiring my new purple knee-boots. I was so excited when my friend Kristy gave them to me...and the best part was...THEY FIT! She had bought them when she was pregnant and wore them throughout her pregnancy. But now that she wasn't pregnant anymore, they didn't fit her--they were too big around the calves. Good thing I had bigger calves and could fill them out...in fact I generally had trouble finding knee-boots that would acutally fit my calves. Usually the boots were too narrow in the shaft leaving me desolate and alone...without benefit of trendy boots. Not only did these new purple boots fit...they fit OVER my jeans...and bonus...they were purple!!!!!!!!! It's only my most favorite color in the world.
Now.........if only this hadn't been a dream..............

10 March 2010

Eight Days

She had only known she was pregnant for eight days when she lost the baby. Most people just call it an embryo—a chemical pregnancy—to her it was the death of her baby, the heartbreaking end to a precious life that had barely even begun to form. Her doctor tried to reassure her by saying that “These things happen all the time---about 50% of pregnancies end this way and often the women didn’t even know they were pregnant in the first place.” How is this comforting she thought. How is this supposed to give me hope? Her friends and family were all very supportive sending her cards, and flowers, and discretely asking her how she was doing. Outwardly she kept it together but it was in the solitude of her morning shower that she let the tears fall. She was so grateful to have the love of her friends--surrounding her with their silent prayers. Seeing the sadness on the face of her husband was unbearable. How is it possible to go from such extreme joy to such disparaging sadness in such a short time—only eight days. Eight days to experience pregnancy. Eight days to bond with her newly forming baby. Eight days to rejoice over this tiny life. How long will she grieve for this baby she only knew for eight days? She doesn’t know. But one thing she knows for sure--she is strong--she is fierce--this miscarriage will not defeat her--she will prevail.

Disclaimer: I promise that not all of my posts will be this depressing.

09 March 2010

Nice to Meet You Anyway

Hey there folks. Just wanted to introduce myself and let y'all know that I plan to use this little bloggy-poo to write what's on my mind--usually meaningless nonsensical drivel but sometimes you might find a gem or two. I like to write reviews of books I read and have done 35 of them elsewhere...I'll probably move that over to this forum. I want to maybe use this space to write some fictitious short stories. Pretty much just jotting my thoughts down and hoping you like them (assuming you actually read them). Try not to be overwhelmed by my quick wit and charm. ~xoxoxo~
Nice to Meet You Anyway (Gavin DeGraw)

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